1Z0-052 認定試験トレーリング、1Z0-820 試験解答

Which two statements are true about checkpointing? (Choose two.)
A. The checkpoint frequency decreases with the smaller redo log file size.
B. It ensures that all committed data is written to the data files during normal shutdown.
C. It prompts the Checkpoint (CKPT) process to write data to the data files and redo information to
the online redo log files.
D. The frequent full checkpoint in a database can cause the overall degradation of the database
Answer: B,D

1Z0-052 問題例   
Checkpoint Process (CKPT)
A checkpoint is a data structure that defines a system change number (SCN) in the redo thread of a
database. Checkpoints are recorded in the control file and in each data file header. They are a crucia
element of recovery.
When a checkpoint occurs, Oracle Database must update the headers of all data files to record the
details of the checkpoint. This is done by the CKPT process. The CKPT process does not write blocks to
disk; DBWw always performs that work. The SCNs recorded in the file headers guarantee that all
changes made to database blocks prior to that SCN have been written to disk.
The statistic DDWR checkpoints displayed by the SYSTEM_STATISTICS monitor in Oracle Enterprise
Manager indicate the number of checkpoint requests that have completed.

Which two statements are true regarding undo tablespaces? (Choose two.)
A. The database can have more than one undo tablespace
B. Undo segments automatically grow and shrink as needed, acting as circular storage buffer for their
assigned transactions
C. The UNDO_TABLESPACE parameter is valid in both automatic and manual undo management
D. An undo tablespace is automatically created if the UNDO_TABLESPACE parameter is not set and
the UNDO_MANAGEMENT parameter is set to AUTO during the database instance start up
Answer: A,B

1Z0-052 体験記   

Your database instance is functional for the past one month. The Automatic Workload
Repository (AWR) snapshot retention is set to 7 and the STATISTICS_LEVEL initialization parameter is
set to TYPICAL. You receive a complaint about the poor performance of the database between 7 PM
and 9 PM of the previous day. Choose two actions any of which can be referred to first to diagnose
the problem. (Choose two.)
A. Use the Active Session History report.
B. Use an ADDM analysis between 7 PM and 9 PM of the previous day.
C. Use the AWR Compare Periods report.
D. Use the AWR Compare Period report between 7 PM and 9 PM of the previous day.
Answer: B,C

1Z0-052 基礎   

Which is true about the SYSTEM and SYSAUX tablespaces?
A. The SYSAUX tablespace can be made read-only but the SYSTEM tablespace cannot
B. Both tablespaces must be online for a database to be accessible
C. Only the SYSTEM tablespace contains data dictionary tables
D. Both tablespaces can be used for temporary storage if no temporary tablespace is defined
Answer: A

1Z0-052 ガイド   

君は一回だけでOracleの1Z0-052 認定試験トレーリング認定試験に合格したいなら、或いは自分のIT技能を増強したいなら、Pass4Testはあなたにとって最高な選択です。長年の努力を通じて、Pass4TestのOracleの1Z0-052 認定試験トレーリング認定試験の合格率が100パーセントになっていました。うちのOracleの1Z0-052 認定試験トレーリング試験問題集は完全な無制限のダンプが含まれているから、使ったら気楽に試験に合格することができます。

試験科目:「Oracle Database 11g: Administration I」
問題と解答:全285問 1Z0-052 認定試験トレーリング

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試験科目:「Upgrade to Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator」
問題と解答:全133問 1Z0-820 試験解答

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Pass4Test Oracleの1Z0-820 試験解答試験トレーニング資料というのは一体なんでしょうか。Oracleの1Z0-820 試験解答試験トレーニングソースを提供するサイトがたくさんありますが、Pass4Testは最実用な資料を提供します。Pass4Testには専門的なエリート団体があります。認証専門家や技術者及び全面的な言語天才がずっと最新のOracleの1Z0-820 試験解答試験を研究していますから、Oracle1Z0-820 試験解答認定試験に受かりたかったら、Pass4Testのサイトをクッリクしてください。あなたに成功に近づいて、夢の楽園に一歩一歩進めさせられます。

Pass4TestはOracleの1Z0-820 試験解答認定試験についてすべて資料を提供するの唯一サイトでございます。受験者はPass4Testが提供した資料を利用して1Z0-820 試験解答認証試験は問題にならないだけでなく、高い点数も合格することができます。